Virtually every person and business today uses or creates copyrighted works.  If you create, or hire others to create for you, web sites or software programs, books or songs, or if you create, publish or distribute any other forms of literary or artistic works, you have important copyright issues to consider.  For many of our clients, the acquisition, exploitation and protection of their copyrights is essential to their business.  We analyze copyright questions within the context of a client’s contractual rights and responsibilities like author/publisher contracts, software licenses, entertainment and other media-related contracts.  We offer analysis of possible copyright infringement situations.  We also represent clients before the United States Copyright Office in connection with their applications to register their copyrights, including works that contain secure test items and other trade secret information.  And we also counsel clients on copyright management issues.  For basic copyright principles and reasons why they may be important to you, see our FAQs – Copyrights.

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